Open source codes

Open source parallel scientific computing codes developed/under-development/contributed-to by group members:

Computational Mechanics and Multiphysics Group @ UW-Madison
neuronalActionPotential: Framework to model action potential propagation along the neuronal axon. Support for multiple nodes of Ranvier, models of myelin sheath and peri-axonal space.
dendriticGrowth: A framework for modeling complex dendritic morphologies that are physically relevant to the solidification of pure melts and binary alloys.
sedimentModeling: A phase-field based formulation of mechanical compaction of sedimentary basins.
Computational Physics Group @ UM
mechanoChem: Coupled multiphysics [mechanics and chemistry] code build on top of PetIGA library
Isogeometric Analysis Based Nonlinear Strain Gradient Elasticity: Continuum-scale Higher Order Theory Of Elasticity
Computational Material Physics Group @ UM
DFT-FE (Real Space Density Functional Theory): Quantum-scale Electronic Structure Calculations
PRISMS Center @ UM
PRISMS PhaseField: Meso-scale Morphology and Microstructure Evolution
PRISMS Plasticity: Continuum-scale Crystal and Continuum Plasticity